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Candle Wick Trimmer Sets

Wick Trimmer Sets for Candles come in a Variety of Options

Candle wick trimmers are indispensable for candle lovers. Trimming wicks is essential for long lasting and evenly burning candles. Candle wick trimming sets are available which provide all you need to trim your candles properly.

Most trimmers are designed to cut wicks to a quarter of an inch long. Wick trimmers may look odd to those unfamiliar with them. They are a strange contraption until their purpose becomes evident. A ‘foot’, which is the elongated bottom part of a pair of special scissors, measures the cutting edge a precise distance away from the candle wax so you can get the right length every time. The trimmers look like a pair of scissors with the cutting tip bent at a 90 degree angle.

Cleancut brand trimmers have an interesting and handy design that catches the cut wick after it has been trimmed. This is especially convenient for candles that are awkward to reach into. They also provide a Cleancut wick dipper to put out your candles. The dipper is simply a wire with a bent end and a handle for holding. To use, you actually push the lit wick into the melted wax. The flame is suffocated by the wax, and little or no smoke is created. Once the flame is out, pull the wick back to the right position with the dipper so it is ready for the next use. Go to to purchase either product.

Clipawick brand candle trimmers are specially designed devices that are different from conventional ones. They can cut hard to reach wicks inside of very deep and narrow candles. Their trademarked design makes trimming wicks which were previously impossible with conventional trimmers an easy task. The design looks nothing like ordinary ones. Instead of looking like a pair of scissors, its shape is like a plastic tube, with the cutting edge recessed inside the tube at the right height.

Clipawick sells the wick trimmers alone, in gift sets and with a multi candle accessory set. The trimmer set includes a candle lighter, a jar cover with lifter and a smokeless wick dipper. Sets are available at


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