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Candle of the Month Clubs - The Gift that Keeps Giving

Smart Gift: Candle of the Month Club Subscription

If you are looking for a unique gift for candle lovers, consider a candle-of-the-month club. Just like other monthly clubs like wine-of-the-month clubs, candle-of-the-month clubs send the recipient candles each month for a specified period of time.

The reason candle clubs work well is that candles are consumable. Once you get the first set of candles, chances are you will burn them before the month is up. And then in the mail comes the next month's supply. As a gift, what a perfect way to show someone you care. Every month they will think of you and enjoy a wonderful assortment of candles. It's like getting a new present each month.

Choose your Perfect Candle Club Gift

Some clubs have a choice of packages as well as a choice of the length of months. For example, Candle Lights by Stormy ( have a candle club where you choose between a mixed package (for an assortment of candles), a budget package (for those on a limited budget), a four seasons package (with seasonal candles), and a pillar club package (receive pillar candles each month.)

Not only do they let you choose between packages, you can also choose from a variety of time frames. Choose between three month, six month and twelve month clubs. And to personalize it even more, choose the scent type you would like.

Other sites offering candle of the month clubs are,, and Cool Candle has very unique candles in shapes of real objects (pies, sundaes, drinks, etc.)

Many more candle clubs are out there, each offering their own supply of candles. Search around to find the type of candles you would like to give rather than joining the first one you see.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 October 2008 )
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