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Candle Gift Baskets: Thoughtful Candle Gifts for Any Occasion

Baskets are the Perfect Way to Give a Thoughtful Candle Gift

A gift basket is a wonderful gift because the recipient gets a small amount of many wonderful things. It is a cornucopia of gifts. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket (excuse the pun) with a single gift, you get to give multiple items. A basket is considered a thoughtful gift because they provide many items to enjoy at different times.

Around Christmas time or Easter, the malls have many stores selling baskets. Candles make perfect gifts for both occasions. For Christmas, consider giving an intimate basket with candles, candle holders, a bottle of wine. The basket says ‘relax and enjoy some quiet time with people you care about.’ Give the gift of leisure.

Another great idea is to pair candles with bath products. Many people burn candles in the bathroom while having a relaxing soak in the tub. Give candles along with bath salts, oils and lotions in pastel colors. Scented candles are particularly appropriate for a bath related basket. Aromatherapy candles contain scents suitable for creating a certain mood. Using the scent of vanilla, for example, can be calming; giving a citrus scent can be energizing.

For quality products, make a Yankee Candle gift basket with a variety of their products. The brand name has become popular throughout the nation as their luscious scents woo consumers.

Easter Candle Baskets

Easter and baskets go hand in hand. Easter is also a time of celebration where candles are often burned – perfect for candle gift giving. One Easter gift basket idea is to include spring time colored candles with chocolates and candies. If you’d like to stay away from food, try candles together with Easter themed holders.

For Hard to Buy for People

A basket is a great gift to give someone who has just about everything. Rather than buying one large ticket item which they probably already have, give small consumables. Candles are one of those items just about everyone uses. You can give candles to the same person at many occasions because candles get used up. Along with other consumables such as jams, coffees, or teas, candles make a nice accompaniment, and the gift will be appreciated and used.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to pair candles with anything at all. You can make a gorgeous basket with a multitude of different shapes and sizes of candles. The possibilities are practically endless. Whether you make your own or buy one pre-made, a candle gift basket is always an appreciated gift by just about everyone.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 November 2008 )
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