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Candle Arrangements: Oversize Pillar Candles in Arrangments

Oversize Pillar Candles are Perfect for Elegant Arrangements

When I worked in a gift shop a long time ago, we sold oversize pillar candles along with a host of regular sized one. One thing that struck me was how good the candles looked when a bunch of various shapes and sizes were put together.

With a little effort and planning you can make a wonderful arrangement of candles that are perfect as a centerpiece for a large table.

Arranging the Candles

If you think there are definite rules governing the placement of candles in an arrangement, you are wrong. There are some guidelines which can help you achieve a balanced arrangement, but ultimately your personal taste should be the goal.

Circular Arrangement

Start with a very large circular flat plate (meant for candles or heat proof). For a circular arrangement, the best candles to use are ones with curved shapes. For example, use pillars and spherical candles of different shapes and sizes. Keep with the same color of candles when you are first starting out with arranging. (Once you get the hang of single colors, you can graduate into multiple colors.)

An oversized pillar style candle is a perfect focal point for the arrangement. Start with a large one and work down in size. It is recommended that the largest pillar be slightly off center. The simplest arrangement involves only three candles – one large pillar, one shorter and thinner pillar, and one even shorter. Placed on a plate fairly close together, the candles give several height differences which add some interest and movement. From all angles this simple arrangement is interesting enough to stand on its own. The same can be done with three square pillar candles.

For a more elaborate arrangement, you can use a dozen pillar candles of varying heights. Place them randomly closely together on a plate or round pan. Make sure that there aren’t any candles of the same size sitting together.

As you move on you can start adding spherical ball candles to the mix. Along with pillars, balls make a nice three dimensional addition. A simple arrangement is use one tall pillar, one slightly shorter pillar, and a ball candle that is shorter than both.

Experiment with different amounts and varieties of candles. Pillar arrangements are satisfyingly easy to create with little know how.

Adding Accents

Depending on the event you are arranging for, you can add accents to the outside edge of the plate for extra pizzazz. For example, at Christmas time you can add silver bells all along the outside edge of the pillars. The arrangement looks gorgeous with that extra touch of themed accents. Be careful to only use items which are not flammable. Remember that candles are a fire hazard and should be used properly.

In the right holder or container, oversized pillars can easily be used on their own. Because of their large size, they make wonderful centerpieces which can remain on the table during the meal.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 14 October 2008 )
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