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Calla Lily Candles

Calla Lily Themed Candles are Beautiful and Elegant

There are two types of calla lily themed candles: candles with imprinted lilies or images on them, and candles which are actually formed to look like calla lilies.

Candles Shaped like Calla Lilies

Candles which are actually in the shape of the lilies are less readily available, but generally make a more striking presentation. The lily form is ideal for a candle because the scooping shape of the flower holds the wax as it burns down.

Calla Lily Candle Favors

An interesting favor to give to guests at a wedding or other event is a single calla lily shaped candle on a long stem. The concept is very unique and the candles can be placed in a small mouthed vase when lit. carries these for a very reasonable price. If your wedding theme includes Callalilies, these favors will match wonderfully.

Candles with Calla Lily Imprints, Protrusions or Images

Wedding or unity candles usually consist of a central pillar candle and two matching tapers to go with it. Many varieties are available with a protruding wax flower on the front of the central pillar which was molded into the candle. Some also incorporate white ribbons into the display. These are very elegant candles which suit weddings and other formal celebratory occasions.

Calla lilies have such a gorgeous shape; they make striking forms on candles. If you are looking for a less three dimensional look, there are candles with an imprint or a picture image of the lily. has a beautiful molded calla lily pillar candle, and has several varieties to choose from.

Candle Holders

Alternatively, calla lily candle holders are a beautiful way to incorporate the theme. The candle is held by the mouth of the flower, which is the perfect shape for a candle holder.

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