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Asian Themed Candles add Culture

Add a Splash of Culture with Asian Candles

Asian culture continues to influence North America in many aspects, and candles are no exception. Candles are invaluable for adding color and interest in many areas of our houses. As an appreciation for candles grows, so does the selection available. Asian themed candles can be found in many stores, both retail and online.

Asian based candles have rich colors including red, black, green, white and browns. They make excellent accents and focal points for shelves, tables, window sills and more. Besides being attractive, Asian symbols are meaningful and positive. From lucky bamboo to serene Buddhas, the candles contribute to the peacefulness of your home.

Candle Bay is an online store. They have three sections with Asian influence candles called: Asian, Bamboo/Coconut, and Far East.

Asian Candles

Candle Bay has dozens of Asian influenced candles to choose from. Some of their selections include: large and small Buddha head candles in several colors; bamboo shaped candles in black and green; elephant candles; Chinese symbol candles; sitting Buddhas and more.

Asian Candle Holders

One of our favorites from Candle Bay is a votive holder made from bamboo. The holder itself is made from a thick hollow piece of bamboo with the handle extending upwards. The handle adds height to the piece and is suitable for many areas of the house. We also enjoy their Chinese character votive holders.

You can purchase the candles and holders online at

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 November 2008 )
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