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Soy Candle Supplies: Soy Candle Making Supplies are Readily Available

Finding Soy Candle Supply Venues is Easier than Ever

Despite increasing demand for soy candles, supplies are not difficult to find. Soy candle supply definitely meets demand. In the past it was more difficult to find soy, but since its rise in popularity, supplies are much more readily available.

Materials needed for making a basic soy candle includes:

• Soy wax
• Wicks
• Color /dyes
• Fragrances
• Molds

There are many accessories that are used to make a soy candle, a healthy, longer-lasting alternative to paraffin candles.

The hobbyist or beginning soy candle maker can also find along with the supplies listed above, candle making kits and instruction manuals on how to make soy based candles.

Supplies can be had at suppliers that specialize only in soy and other natural candle making products.  However, larger candle suppliers will carry a variety of candle making supplies including soy. Many soy candle suppliers claim that their soy wax does not need any additives.  Soy candles are touted as being less harmful, that is, they are non-toxic and are much healthier than regular wax candles.

Best of all, you can find the materials you need at some retailers at wholesale prices regardless of quantity purchased. Like most candle making items, supplies can be purchased with ease online. The many suppliers also make for a buyer’s market where quality items can be purchased at great prices.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 November 2008 )
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