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Silicone Candle Molds Create Diverse Shapes

Technology brings Candle Molds made from Silicone with Great Qualities 

To get their shapes, candle wax has to be poured in molds. One type of mold is the silicone candle mold.  This mold, as the name implies is made from silicone and there are many different types and shapes.   Shapes include animals – teddy bears, cats, food –pumpkin, buns, trees such as firs, and seasonal themes.

Why is Silicone a Good Material?

One of the benefits of the silicone mold is its softness and flexibility. This allows the candle maker, whether hobbyist or highly experienced, to create the design they want.  Best of all, silicone type molding forms can be used to create beautiful 3-D designs.

Some silicone forms are ready to use on purchase. One popular type of molds made from silicone is called grubby mold.  Candles made from a grubby mold have a rough look, as if they are dripping wax.  

To maintain the life of your silicone candle mold do the following:

• When not in use the mold should be placed in a clean plastic bag and put away
• Do not stack molds on top of each other
• Do not store the silicon mold where direct sunlight can reach it
• Wash molds with warm soap water (use a mild soap)

Silicon molds last longer if they are handled with care, rough handling may result in tears rendering it useless.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 November 2008 )
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