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Metallic Candle Paint

Metallic Colors of Candle Paints, Lacquers, Powders and Applique Sheets

Make ordinary candles extraordinary by using metallic candle paint to spruce up the exterior. Some candles have color all the way through the wax. A few colors, however, are usually reserved solely for the outside of a candle. Special colors such as metallic varieties which add sparkle and shine are too expensive to put throughout the entire candle wax. Instead, decorate the outside with special paints to create a dramatic effect without costing a fortune.

The most popular metallic colors for candles are the most traditional: silver and gold. Many other shades are available with a metal look to them, including reds, blues, greens, purples and orangey coppers.

Several Different Varieties of Metallic Candle Color ‘Paints’ – Lacquers and Bronzing Powders.

Metallic lacquer paints for candles are for use with smooth, round edged candles only such as round, oval or smooth taper candles. The candle must be dipped into the lacquer, so any sharp edges, such as in square pillars, will not retain the liquid and the wax paint coating will be uneven.

Bronzing powders are usually brushed or sprinkled over a candle, then heated using a low level hair dryer to set it permanently into the wax. Metallic powders are useful when a speckled look is desired. Full coverage is also possible with a bit more time and effort. Metallic powdered candle paint can be used with any size or shape of candle.

Some candle paints come in specially designed pens which can be used to control the flow to create detailed designs.

Applique Metallic Wax Sheets

A metallic look can also be achieved by using gold or silver appliqué sheets of wax. Instead of paint, a thin sheet of colored wax can be carefully wrapped around a candle’s exterior. Certain types of candles are easier to cover than others with this technique. Pillar candles, straight edged votives and square/rectangular candles are some of the easiest to work with.

Interior Wax Color

Choose a color of wax that goes with the metallic shade of paint. This doesn’t mean it needs to be the same color as the paint. A complimentary color may be more striking than using the same shade. Use your imagination to create interesting combinations. Experiment so that you can see for yourself that many color combinations are possible and that you aren’t limited to only a few.

White or clear are two of the most popular types of wax to inside metal colored coatings. White enhances the look of the metal paint and clear is ideal because it doesn’t detract from the shine.

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