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Making Fruit Gel Candles

Fruit Gel Candle Making is a Fun and Rewarding Task

Gel candles have been making a splash on the candle scene. Never before has a form of candles been so unique and different. Fruit shapes suit gels perfectly, and crafty people have found that making fruit gel candles is a rewarding endeavor.

Fruit candles made with gel wax are great for gifts all through the year. At harvest time, apple, pear and pumpkin gel candles are wonderful décor pieces. In the spring and summer, cherry, peach, watermelon, strawberry and plum gels are appropriate. Grapes work throughout the year.

Learning to make fruit gel candles takes a bit of know-how. Gel candle making is not quite as straightforward as traditional paraffin or beeswax candles. If you are a beginner it may take a few tries for you make gel candles that you are satisfied with.

Helpful Hints: It is important to watch the temperature carefully when melting, because heating the gel wax too hot may cause clouding. The ideal temperature may vary depending on the brand of wax used. 200F is common for many gels, but read the manufacturers’ instructions to find out the correct temperature for a particular brand. When pouring the melted gel wax into the fruit molds, pour slowly to avoid creating bubbles.

Get Creative with Fruit Gel Themes

One fun advantage of gels is you can embed objects in gel candle wax. Make sure to buy a high enough grade of the wax to allow embeds to be suspended. A medium grade often works well. The easiest way to suspend objects is to dip the object into wax and stick them to the side of the container and let set before you pour the rest of the candle. For example, use black wax drops suspended in pink gel for a wonderful watermelon gel candle theme.

Use Fruit-Shaped Gel Molds

Using a mold is the easiest way to create fruit shapes. Small fruit gel wax forms can be used in a larger candle - such as peach slices on a pie candle.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 February 2009 )
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