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Homemade Rolled Beeswax Candles

Rolled Beeswax Candles are one of the Easiest Types to Make at Home

One of the best starter homemade candle projects for beginner candle makers is rolled beeswax candles. These simple to make candles need only a few materials and don’t require any heating.

Honeycomb patterned sheets of beeswax are the most common material for rolled candles. Thin rectangular sheets of the wax can be rolled up to create a pillar shaped candle. Roll many times to create multiple layers for a wide candle. Rolling tall sheets with few layers makes a taper style candle.

The top part of the candle can be tapered slightly by trimming the beeswax sheet a bit before rolling. Simply cut a triangle shaped wedge off of the top of the sheet. Start rolling at the shorter end, and as you roll, the top will automatically form a taper.

How to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles:

Securing the Wick

Once you have trimmed the beeswax sheet to the dimensions you would like, before you do any rolling you need to secure the wick. The wick will be in the middle of the candle, which means it needs to be secured in the most interior roll.

Cut the wick approximately 2 inches longer than the wax sheet. Place it on the very edge of the length of the wax sheet so that one inch of the wick protrudes from the top and bottom. Now very tightly roll the wick up within the first ¼ inch of the wax length: fold the wax so the wick is completely encased in it. Roll tightly one more time to ensure that no part of the wick is exposed.

Now you can proceed with rolling the rest of the candle. Don’t roll too tightly or the wax pattern will be crushed and no longer look as attractive. Once you have finished, press the wax edge with firm but gentle pressure to the candle so the rolls do not come undone.

Trim the wick off flush at the bottom. Leave at least a quarter of an inch of wax at the top in order to light the candle.

Rolled candles burn faster than other types because spaces between each layer of wax means the overall candle is less dense. But the method produces attractive candles which are quick and easy to make so you can always have some on hand.

Use Colored Beeswax Sheets

Beeswax honeycomb patterned sheets are available in a variety of colors as well as the natural color. Some of the color possibilities:

light blue
olive green
navy blue

For an interesting look, try rolling two sheets of different colors together to form a multi colored layered candle.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Once you’ve got the hang of the technique, you’ll find it’s easy to make the candles to give as gifts.

For taper style rolled candles, make the size of the bottom of the candle so it will fit snugly into a candle holder. Consider giving matching holders to go along with the candles.

Pillar style rolled candles are more stable and can be placed on a candle safe dish or plate.

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 April 2009 )
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