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What kind of gel candle supplies are available?

Gel candles, are fast rising in popularity, becoming a preferred choice among candle lovers and manufacturers alike. Fortunately getting gel candle supplies is easy. Gel candles come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and of course scents. Because gel candles are normally transparent, embeds are highlighted when the candle is lit creating fantastic scenes. These candles, apart form their physical beauty last almost twice as long as similar wax candles.

Almost all candle wholesalers and suppliers carry gel candle kits. The Internet is a great place to hunt for deals if you plan on creating gel candles or just buying gel candles to use.

There are three main types of gels for candles, namely, CHP high-density gel, CLP low density and CMP medium density. High density gel generally has a stronger scent than other low or medium density gels.

Gel candle making kits of varying types are available from candle making suppliers for beginners as well as professionals. These kits generally come with candle making instructions as well everything you need to start making your candle: gel, wicks, fragrances and color. For the adventurous there are gel candle making kits to make you hungry with their beautiful pie shapes as well as their delicious odors.

Embeds are also another item used frequently by gel candle makers. Embeds are decorative items placed into the gel candle to add color and style. Embeds include glitter, fruits (blueberries, banana chips, cherries), bakery treats, and novelty embeds such as leaves (four leaf clover, shamrock), valentine’s symbols and the list goes on.

Last, there are the various styles and shape molds that any serious candle making enthusiast will need to create their masterpieces.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 December 2008 )
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