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Braided Candle Molds

Braided Molds for Making Candles: Braids Create a Textured Look for Candles

Braided candles are usually made by actually braiding three long or taper candles together while the wax is still warm. The resulting look is beautiful and unique. Candle braiding takes skill and practice. For those who want the look of braided candles without the complex process, molds are available which create a similar look but don’t require the same amount of work.

The disadvantage of using a braided candle mold as opposed to actually braiding three candles together is the wicks are not the same. In real braided varieties, the three candles have three wicks, all of which can be lit and will burn down in a spiraling fashion. With the mold version, you may be able to have three wicks, but they will burn straight down. Many varieties only have one central wick, which decreases the uniqueness even more.

Despite the drawback, using a mold saves a lot of time and produces striking results. Candle molds are a great way for beginners at candle making and are a good way to create interesting candles with little experience.

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 April 2009 )
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