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Scented Jar Candles: Why do Scented Candles often come in Jars?

Jars Make the Ideal Container for Candles Burned for their Scent

If you are a fan of scented candles, you might wonder why a lot of the manufacturers of high quality scented candles make so many jar varieties. The answer lies in why most people buy scented varieties of candles.

Love of Scent

Aroma is the reason people buy scented candles. Because the purpose of buying nice smelling candles is the scent, a practical container makes more sense than other types. A jar is an advantageous candle container in many ways.
-the flame is relatively sheltered from breezes in the room. There is less chance of the candle blowing out.
-the flame is contained by the glass jar which helps improve safety. If you burn candles often to scent the room, increased safety is a good thing.
-as the wax from the candle melts, it doesn’t drip away. It stays contained inside the jar and available for the wick to burn. The efficiency of the candle is increased as well as the time the candle will burn.
-the candle can make use of most of the wax in the jar making it a cost effective container for scented candles.

Jars are Ideal for Candles 

Scented tapers burn away much faster than jar candles. Votives make good use of wax, but are small and don’t last as long as jars. Pillars are more efficient than tapers, but don’t burn the wax down on the sides as efficiently as jars. Pillars also have a much more exposed flame.

So if you are getting frustrated by all the scented jar candles you come across in stores, now you know the reason behind it. You can still find scented candles in the other shapes, and you may want to burn them when you have company. But you may just become attached to the simplistic efficiency and safety of jar candles.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 November 2008 )
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