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Combining Scented Candles - Exotic Scent Recipes for your Home

Burn Multiple Scented Candles for Exotically Wonderful Effect

Create scent ‘recipes’ by burning a few candles with different but complimentary scents at the same time. With a little creativity you can create many different atmospheres in your home. Some exotic examples are


  • coconut and pineapple scented candles for a tropical, pina colada theme
  • orange and ylang-ylang for an anti-stress but lively feel
  • cinnamon and lemon for an invigorating and tantalizing theme
  • rose and lavender for a wonderfully floral aroma
  • orange, lemon and lime for a citrus explosion
  • cinnamon and apple for a classic apple pie smell


Vanilla adds a wonderful dimension when added to many different scented candles. It adds mellowness and richness to the air. Experiment with many combinations to find your personal favorite. Our favorites are:

vanilla and orange
vanilla and peach
vanilla and black currant

vanilla and cinnamon
vanilla and clove

vanilla and sandalwood
vanilla and cedar

Combining scents really lets you customize and put a personal touch to the air. Be warned, however, you may become addicted to trying new scent candle combinations!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 March 2009 )
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